Sandy Point

(3/30/18) Sandy Point is about 50 miles south of Marsh Harbour.  Most members of this tiny community make their living fishing.  The road winds around the coast with glimpses of the Atlantic ocean between the casaurina trees.  At a wide point in the road we pulled off to get a better view.  Castaway Island is […]

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Crossing Rocks for Sea Glass

(3/30/18) While on our road side adventure with the little red car, we (I) wanted to find Crossing Rocks.  I had been told that I could find a gold mine of sea glass.  Sea glass is physically and chemically weathered glass found on beaches along bodies of salt water.  The process creates natural frosted glass.  […]

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Schooner Bay

(3/30/18) If you are looking for a luxury vacation home with plenty of amenities then Schooner Bay could be the place for you.  Our little red car stopped at the guard shack.  The guard gave us permission to enter but informed us that we were not allowed to drive our vehicle around, we had to […]

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Casaurina Point & Bahama Palm Shores

(4/30/18) The little red rental car carried for miles through the pines of Great Abaco.  There are very few signs of life.  We saw signs for two businesses, Abaco Neem and Abaco Big Bird Poultry.   Abaco Neem was founded in 25 years ago by a native Bahamian who discovered the Neem plant’s ability to help […]


Road Trip on Good Friday

(3/30/18) We had planned on taking the dinghy out to explore on Good Friday.  One look at the Sea of Abaco and we decided this would be a wet and bumpy ride.  Our backup plan was to rent a car and drive around the island.  Steve walked up to the Rental Wheels to see if […]

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Preparing MJ for Departure

(3/29/18) Chaucer writes that all good things must come to an end.  It is time for Meandering Joy to head home and bring this adventure in the Abacos to an end.   We are thankful for the opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy this beautiful place and excited about returning home to be near family […]

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Royal Marsh Harbour Season Closing Party

(3/28/18) Most members of the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club (RMHYC) spend their winters in the Abacos to avoid the harsh winters of their hometowns.  I suppose we could be included, but I hardly think that Georgia winters are among the harshest.  We arrived in Marsh Harbour on November 30, 2017, just in time for […]

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Searching for Sea Biscuits

(3/26/18) A beautiful sunrise inspired us to continue exploring the area around Bucaroon Bay.   We took the dinghy to explore the north end of Lynyard Cay.  We found several sea biscuits and other beach treasures.  Sand dollars, Sea Biscuits and Sea cookies are all in the same family.  I haven’t found a Sea Cookie yet […]


Red Cushion Sea Star

The Red Cushion Sea Star is the largest sea star.  It can grow up to 50 centimeters in diameter.  They usually have five arms but have been discovered with four, six and seven arms.  Adults are a shade of red or orange and the younger ones are greenish brown.  The upper surface is hard covered […]

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Rays at Bucaroon Bay

Rays are a member of the cartilaginous fish category which includes sharks, skates and chimaeras.  Most stingrays have one or more stingers on the tail.  The stingray is not aggressive and uses its stinger only in self-defense.  Their flat grayish bodies make it easy for them to hide themselves in the sand.  They agitate the […]

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