Out on a Limb…

Traveling on Meandering Joy has allowed us to see much  beautiful scenery along the water ways and  delightful marine life.  It is magical to see the dolphin swim alongside our boat or an osprey nest filled with little chicks.  Meeting people from all over the world who share a love of the water is another […]


Take A Hike

Are you looking to get out of town this weekend and maybe take a hike?  I suggest a trip to Brasstown Bald which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  An elevation of 4,783 feet makes this mountain top the highest point in Georgia.  Admission to the park is $5 and includes a shuttle ride […]

General Home in Georgia

Busy Izzy Saves a Chicken

Steve’s sister, Janey, gave Izzy a little chicken to welcome her to the family.    Izzy loves Little Chicken very much.  Izzy and Little Chicken snuggle at night.  During the day Little Chicken, Izzy, Green Snake and Mr. Foxy  all play together.      Little Chicken and Busy Izzy are best friends forever.  Little Chicken […]


Let’s See Rock City

If you grew up in the South and are of a certain age, then it is likely that you have seen a barn or two (like the one in the photo below) with the words See Rock City painted on top.  Garnet Carter, owner of Rock City, realized that not many people would pass by […]


Cloudland Canyon

On a recent trip to Cloudland Canyon on the Western Edge of Lookout Mountain in Georgia we had the opportunity to explore sandstone cliffs, caves, waterfalls, and creeks.  The last time we visited this park was in 1989.  My brain told me that I could easily hike the two trails down to Cherokee and Hemlock […]

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Graffiti-A work of art or vandalism?

A recent trip to Bell Mountain in Hiawassee, Georgia sparked the question about graffiti.  Mr. Adventure and I first hiked up Bell Mountain back in the 90’s for the wonderful view of Lake Chatuge and Hiawassee.  At that time the road wasn’t paved and required a four-wheel drive to get halfway up the mountain and […]

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The vacation is over!

I didn’t plan on a vacation from blogging.  Sometimes the inspiration for writing eludes me and a short vacation ensues.  After a month-long break, I am ready to write again.  July was spent visiting friends and family and getting caught up on life here in Bold Springs. (And playing just a little tennis!) And of […]


Dominoes for your health!

There is often down time while traveling the ICW especially where marsh lands are on both sides of the waterway and there are not alligators or birds in sight.  It is a good idea to have a book to read to stay entertained.  Carolyn and Leslie came to Meandering Joy loaded with games to keep […]


A Driftwood Tribute

East Beach on St. Simons is one of the cleanest beaches we have visited.   The are no less than six barrels for collecting trash and sorting recyclable items at the entrance at the Coast Guard Station.  The art below of the whale filled with trash sends a message to visitors to care for the beach and […]

General Odds & Ends

East Beach Meet & Greet

Izzy made some new four-legged friends on her first excursion to the East Beach Meet & Greet for Dogs.  Since the beach is closed to dogs from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. everyone  (and I do mean EVERYONE) brings their dogs early in the morning for a swim or a run without a leash.   Izzy […]

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