Dominoes for your health!

There is often down time while traveling the ICW especially where marsh lands are on both sides of the waterway and there are not alligators or birds in sight.  It is a good idea to have a book to read to stay entertained.  Carolyn and Leslie came to Meandering Joy loaded with games to keep […]


A Driftwood Tribute

East Beach on St. Simons is one of the cleanest beaches we have visited.   The are no less than six barrels for collecting trash and sorting recyclable items at the entrance at the Coast Guard Station.  The art below of the whale filled with trash sends a message to visitors to care for the beach and […]

General Odds & Ends

East Beach Meet & Greet

Izzy made some new four-legged friends on her first excursion to the East Beach Meet & Greet for Dogs.  Since the beach is closed to dogs from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. everyone  (and I do mean EVERYONE) brings their dogs early in the morning for a swim or a run without a leash.   Izzy […]

General Our Pets

Little Cumberland Island

We had one more chance to see the horses before pulling up the anchor and heading north to St. SImons Island.  It was a treat to see the horses from our Brickhill Creek Anchorage.  We weren’t sure we would see any on this marsh side of the island.  The lighthouse below was used to mark […]

Anchorages General

A day to remember

Steve and Izzy took the dinghy back to the boat after a walk on the Cumberland Island beach.  Izzy needed a break and Steve needed to take care of some emails.  Carolyn, Leslie and I had a great time wandering the island, exploring the ruins.   We were a little surprised that on our walk from […]


Dungeness History

It seems that several people of importance to American History stopped at Cumberland Island.  James Oglethorpe, the founder of the great state of Georgia, a British soldier and a member of Parliament built a hunting lodge on Cumberland island.  He named the lodge Dungeness after a hamlet in England.  Nathanael Greene, a revolutionary war hero […]

General Wildlife

AHH, Cumberland!

The largest and southernmost barrier island in Georgia is Cumberland Island.  Cumberland has pristine beaches with no condominiums or hotels anywhere in sight.  History here spans over 4000 years beginning with early Natives, the Timucuan people,  followed by the period of Colonial expansion, the Plantation Era and the Gilded Age.   All left a footprint on […]

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Gliding by the Marshlands

The terrain changes drastically once we turned off the St. John’s River.  No more city life.   Sister’s Creek passes through the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve.  On the east of the river is Little Talbot Island which is home to Fort George Island Cultural State Park and Kingsley Plantation.  At some point Sister’s Creek changes […]


See ya later Jacksonville…

(June 29, 2018) We always enjoy our time at Lamb’s Yacht Center in Jacksonville.  We have a covered slip which protects the boat from the harsh sun and the water is mostly fresh which is better for the hull than salt water.  Jacksonville has the largest population of any other city in Florida.  Jacksonville has […]


New Crew Aboard

(June 28, 2018) We had a few hours to kill before picking up our crew for the weekend so we went to check out the marina at Fernandina Beach.  It is disappointing that the marina is still not open for transient boaters because Fernandina Old Town is such a nice place to visit with great […]