Crossing the Gulf Steam at Night

(4/10/18) Our alarms went off about 11:15 p.m.  I was on the settee when Steve came up from the stateroom.  We brewed some coffee, checked the engines and called out to Gordon & Eta on Didi Mau on the radio.   Gordon pulled up his anchor and we followed.  The wind and waves were calm as […]


Goodbye Green Turtle Cay

(4/10/18) Four engines could be heard getting started for a day of travel about 6:45 a.m. on Monday.  We followed Mascot out of Black Sound hoping for a beautiful day at sea.  All four boats agreed to monitor the same VHF radio station.  We passed the time by checking on each other during the day.  […]

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Planning Session at The Other Shore Club

(4/8/18) We began our winter season of boating in the Bahamas in Green Turtle Cay and it looks like we will be exiting the same way.  Steve had  business to attend to in Georgia and our weather window was very slim.  It appeared that we had two choices.  Option one:  leave on Monday, April 9 […]


Back to Green Turtle Cay

(4/8/18) Those beautiful clouds brought rain on Sunday.  We left Treasure Cay and headed to Green Turtle Cay with Greg and Patti.  This was to be their first trip through the Whale Cay Passage.  Lucky for us that it was smooth cruising all the way even though we had some rain.  There was no room […]


Blue Clouds Turn Gray

(4/7/18) Those beautiful aqua blue tinged clouds developed into gray clouds later in the day as we walked over to the Bahama Beach Club for dinner.   We didn’t get caught in the rain at dinner or on the way back, but we are anxiously watching the weather as we are looking for a “weather window” […]

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Blue Clouds?

(4/7/18) While we were eating lunch on the boat, Steve jumped up and started taking pictures of the clouds.  Notice how the underside of the clouds appear aqua blue.  It looks as if the color of the water is reflecting off the clouds but we have never seen this before.      In reality, the color […]

Abacos Bahamas Odds & Ends

Life is Better with Friends

(4/7/18) The first time I saw the beach at Treasure Cay I thought that I had never seen color so vivid.  The contrast between the ice blue water and the baby powder white sand is impressive.  It was our great pleasure to share this beach with our friends Greg & Patti.   It was such a […]


Treasure Cay Market Place

(4/7/18) Under colorful tents, several vendors from around the Abacos set up to sell their wares.  Home grown fresh produce such as avocados and tomatoes as well as home-made baked 7-up cake are available.  We purchased some freshly made conch salad–our last chance before heading back to the US.  I love to serve this as […]


A Chiton and the Black Oystercatcher

I found a beautifully colored shell on the beach like none I had ever found before.  Through the FaceBook messenger app I messaged a friend who is an avid shell collector to identify the shell for me.   Linda, identified the shell as a chiton.  Chitons can be found all over the world in cold and […]

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Fiery Skies

(4/5/18) Looking at back at these photos of the fiery setting sun, I think that God doesn’t need words to talk to us.  He has at His command the sun, the moon, the stars, the skies, the seas and all of nature.  He gives us these beautiful works of art to remind us of His […]

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