A Golden Birthday


(12/26/17) Ever heard of a golden birthday?  A golden birthday is when one’s age and birthdate are the same.  My golden birthday was when I turned 23 on January 23. It is also possible to have a golden birthday with your birth year  for example a 57th birthday when born in 1957. 

Caroline’s golden birthday was celebrated on the boat.  She turned 26 on December 26.  We celebrated by climbing the Elbow Cay Lighthouse and walking around Hope Town.  Her sisters took her to Captain Jacks for appetizers before we returned to Abaco Beach Resort.  

We ordered up a beautiful sunset for her before going to Snappa’s for pizza night.  



It is rare to have photos with Caroline–I think these are great. 

Happy Birthday to our Caroline–hoping you have a fabulous year!


3 thoughts on “A Golden Birthday”

  1. Robin Lashley Moreman says:

    Happy belated birthday to Caroline! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate a Golden Birthday!

  2. Becky says:

    Joy, you are so tanned! Happy birthday to Caroline!

    1. admin says:

      We think she had a great birthday!

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