Great Guana Cay

(12/28/17) Great Guana Cay is about 8 miles from Marsh Harbour.  Great Guana is located in about the center of the string of islands which comprise the Abacos.  It is 7 miles long and has about 150 people living on the island.  It is known for its social culture which includes two restaurant and bar establishments: Grabbers and Nippers.  The beaches at Great Guana are spectacular with nearby views of reefs of elkhorn and staghorn coral.  

Lainey, Steve and I went for a walk around town while Katy, Matt & Caroline lounged by the pool at Orchid Bay marina.  The marina offers a discount for RMHYC members-we have more than made up the yearly membership fees with the discounts! 

Pink Conch Shells at the marina

Pool overlooking the sea of Abaco


Orchid Bay Marina office

Nativity scene at the Seaside Gospel Church

Dive Guana offers snorkeling trips, boat rentals, golf cart rental, kayak & bike rental, island hopping and vacation rentals.  They also have a very nice little gift shop to purchase some nice local made souvenirs. 


The supply boat and ferry boats dock here at Great Guana Cay.  All the local residents drive their golf carts here to gather their visitors or supplies.  We met this little pup hanging out at the cigar store.  He didn’t seem too sure about us. Wish I had some snacks go give him.

Notice the store below.  It is not the typical 7/11 store we see at home it is a 7/12 store, on wheels!  It was closed when we walked by so I am not sure which 12 hours of 24 it is open.  

The playground below might need some shoring up before any children decide to go down the slide.  This is across from the elementary school.  

Found our way to the beach.  Check out the shades of blue and green in the Atlantic ocean.



What a great sand sculpture someone created in the sands of the beach!  After our early exploration, we went back to the boat to get ready for the parade.