Hello Sunshine!

(12/29/17) Our time with the kids is coming to an end.  Steve and I got up early Friday morning and were out of the marina by 6:15.  Caroline had a plane to catch in Marsh Harbour so we had to get out early.  We thought there might be a ferry from Great Guana to Marsh Harbour that she could take but the ferry did not arrive until 8:30.  She needed to be in a cab at 8:30 from Abaco Beach Resort to the airport so we headed out early to help her get the plane.  Steve and I typically leave early so it was not a problem for us.  The kids got up while we were underway and got to see a beautiful sunrise.  


We got Caroline back with plenty of time to catch her cab to the airport.  The afternoon called for a little bit of wake boarding on the dinghy and a nap.  

The group “Bucket Lust” was still at ABR when we returned.  Bravo Television is filming their trip to the Bahamas.  They were enjoying themselves by the pool but didn’t disturb Steve’s nap. 

Sadly, no pictures of the wake boarding adventure.  They did not take pictures–only videos.  That is a little above my skill level at the moment.  Hoping to learn how to post videos soon.  

Last night on the boat for Katy, Matt & Lainey–the Christmas celebration is about to come to an end.