Lobstering on New Year’s Eve


(12/31/17)  A group of four dinghies took off in search of lobster New Year’s Eve–all determined to pack in as much fun as possible on the last day of the year.  Our first stop at the rock jetty next to the marina.  Bob & Carol have a system where Carol uses the underwater flash light to check out the rocks and find the lobster.  She then hails Bob who uses a Hawaiian sling to catch the lobster.  They were successful!

Carol said she was a little nervous swimming underwater with 4 men with spears.  I can understand her concern.  Check out the prongs on the Hawaiian sling below.


In order to use the spear, grab the rubber tubing and pull it down toward the spear head.  Let go and the spear shoots forward when the rubber tube contracts. It is said that the Hawaiian sling is much cheaper and safer than a spear gun.  



2 thoughts on “Lobstering on New Year’s Eve”

  1. Glenn says:

    I LOVE those big, warm water, Spiney Lobsters!!! The would grill nicely!!!

    1. admin says:

      Gotta come see how they compare to your Maine lobsters!

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