A great start to 2018


(1/1/18) What a great way to start of 2018 by watching our Georgia Bulldogs defeat the Oklahoma Sooners 54-48.  A crew of Sooners fans came in to cheer against us but to no avail–we dominated.  After the game, several people came over to us to say they were cheering for us the whole time–albeit silently.  

After being here since November 27, it is time for us to go home (by plane) for a few weeks.  I tend to get home sick after a while.  The weather here has turned cold and very windy.  We don’t want to fly on Tuesday or Wednesday because of the high winds.  Friday proves to be perfect.  

We bought a coupon book of flights from Air Unlimited based out of Sanford, Florida.  Why? You might ask since we live in Georgia would we fly into Sanford.  A flat rate for a group of round trip flights, no long lines, no baggage fees, and free parking.  Read about them on their blog to learn about their destinations and service.

Michael, our taxi driver, arrived at 8:15 to take us the short distance to the Marsh Harbour Airport.  We are so accustomed to arriving at airports anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours early.  We could have easily been there just 30 minutes early and still had plenty of time.  Our flight was scheduled to leave at 9:40.  Alan, our pilot, came into the waiting room at 9:39 asking for Poole party of two.  He took my luggage and walked us out to the plane.  He explained that we were the only ones on the flight over to Treasure Cay where we were picking up 7 other passengers so we could sit where ever we wanted.  Steve sat in the co-pilot seat. 

The ten minute flight to Treasure Cay provided great views of the water ways–I could see Whale Cay from the air–it doesn’t look nearly as intimidating from up above.  Alan got out in Treasure to pay our exit fees.  Steve had to go in and take care of those charges and explain that we had entered the country by boat.  The other passengers boarded and we took off again for our one and a half hour flight.  

Mr. Co-Pilot

Cherokee Air Office where we waited for Alan

Main Marsh Harbour Terminal


Back in the USA

Haulover Canal at the back of the engine


We flew in to the US over Titusville.  I could see the railroad bridge that we cross through on our way south as well as the  Haul Over Canal which is a haven for manatees.  After a smooth landing, Alan took us to the Customs and Immigrations office where the nice officer checked our luggage and passports.  After everyone was granted permission to be in the US, we loaded our luggage again and taxied over to the Air Unlimited terminal.  Cars were waiting for all the other passengers.  Alan drove us in his own car over to the rental car office to pick up our vehicle.  

It was well after lunch time.  Where did we stop? Chick-fil-A, of course!

It’s always good to be home.



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  1. Loretta Homick says:

    Glad you were back for awhile was really good to see you. Can’t wait to see what your next adventures will be.

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