Snow in Georgia


It was quite a shock to leave the Bahamas with 70 degree weather and arrive in the U.S. with its freezing temperatures. It was 21 degrees when we got back to o our home in Georgia.  I adjusted quickly and figured out how to turn up the temperature on our new thermostat devices and by wearing a coat and many layers inside as well as outside.  Steve was close to tears and ready to turn right around and go back to Marsh Harbour.  Avoiding cold weather could possible be the whole reason for boating. 

I saved the day when I bought a heated mattress pad for our bed from Bed Bath and Beyond using my 20% off coupon.  I was more than a little afraid that he would not get out of bed at all once he got toasty.  The single remote control is wireless, adjusts heat on both sides of the bed and will turn off the heat automatically.  There are 10 levels of heat for 3 sections of bed-head, middle and foot.  It can also be set to pre-heat. We have definitely enjoyed the Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad–no I am not getting paid to advertise for them, but I wish I were. 

Several days into our visit and after we had gotten somewhat accustomed to the cold–Mr. Winter decided to give us a show.  As the temperatures plunged and some precipitation came about–we got a look at snow.  

Our boating friends Rick & Leanne arrived on Tuesday afternoon for a visit.  They were in Atlanta for a medical procedure at the same time we came home.  It was great to have them.  I think they enjoyed the beauty of a nice snowfall as well as the fire Steve made for all of us.

We were having a grand time until the electricity went out.  I was glad to have so many candles left over from Katy & Matt’s wedding last year because we needed them for about an hour.  Our dear friends at Walton EMC worked quickly to get power restored to our area in such cold temperatures.  These folks are good! 

It is fun to go to the Bahamas but also fun to return home to see family and friends we missed and even get to enjoy the snow. 













3 thoughts on “Snow in Georgia”

  1. Robin Lashley Moreman says:

    Hard to come home to cold weather, especially after being so warm! The snow looked beautiful! Glad your electric was quickly restored!

  2. Ben Power says:

    It was great to see ya at dinner, welcome back to winter!!

    1. admin says:

      It was so good to see you and Doretta! Also a treat to see Kelly. Hope you guys are doing well and we will have to get together when we return.

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