A typical day in Marsh Harbour


We are back in Marsh Harbour and getting into a routine of activity.  After a great time spent at home, it was time to come back to our home away from home. 

 A trip to the grocery store was our first task after our return.  Maxwell’s grocery store is a mile and a half from the marina.  We usually walk rather than ride our bikes because we don’t have good baskets to hold anything we might purchase.  Steve needed a gallon of milk and I needed fresh fruits and vegetables.  Once that task was completed, we were ready to resume life here in Marsh Harbour.  

Sunday means church service here.  I was blessed to attend a service at Kirk of the Pines which has just recently merged with the  more contemporary Third Space which met across the street from the marina.  It is heartwarming to see a traditional Presbyterian church join with a non-denominational church.  They are striving to create a more diverse congregation and worship service.  

Monday’s start off the myriad  Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club activities from which to choose when the sun is not shining high and bright.  I know many of you think that Steve and I sit at the beach every day working on our sun tan–that is really not what happens.  

The walking group leaves at 6:15 every morning.  I walk with this group of ladies and have learned my way around the island because of their guidance.  I love the exercise but I also enjoy their company and conversation!  

There are opportunities for Bocce Ball, Yoga, Mah Jong, Cribbage, Pickleball offered during the week.  We have tried everything except Mah Jong and Cribbage.  In between all these fun activities we take care of housekeeping on the boat and boat maintenance.  Steve makes business phone calls while I make sure we have good meals to enjoy. 

Steve took these picture from his co-pilot seat.  Great Sale Cay is the island in the middle of the photo just above the clouds.  We anchored here on our way to Marsh Harbour.  

Great Sale Cay

Great Sale Cay

Air Unlimited King Air

It’s good to be back in the islands!









6 thoughts on “A typical day in Marsh Harbour”

  1. Nancy Martin says:

    Love the posts! Fun to hear about your adventure.

    1. admin says:

      So glad you like the posts! I am on a search for more adventures in Marsh Harbour.

  2. Ben Power says:

    Glad ya made it back safely. Hope STEVE enjoys the book I emailed him. Enjoy the warm weather while we ride out this cold winter here!!

    1. admin says:

      Steve got your book and has started reading it. I hope it warms up in Georgia soon. If it gets too cold for you come on over for a visit.

  3. Jan Boyd says:

    Your daily routine sounds pretty awesome to me! Enjoy paradise and look forward to more pictures and posts.

    1. admin says:

      More pictures coming! Your daily routine is pretty good too! See you next time I am in town for some pickleball!

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