Out and About at Great Guana

I am hesitant to complain about the weather here since many of you are in the US where the weather is much colder.  It has been a cold and windy January and early February in the Bahamas.  The Bahamian people wear scarves and hats when the weather is in the low sixties.  I think the problem for us is that we assume it is supposed to be in the mid seventies and above so when it goes below, it feels much colder.  

It is easy to get stuck on the dock when the weather is persnickety.  We don’t like to go out in high winds, rough seas or rain.  Last week there was a nice weather window which allowed us to get off the dock and go explore.  Several boats met over in Great Guana Cay anchored and took the dinghies in to eat at Grabbers.  Grabbers had closed their restaurant for the evening so we made the short trek to Nippers for dinner.  The seared Ahi Tuna plate was delicious.  

One evening we all met for a potluck dinner at one of the anchored boats.  The food was delicious.  The camaraderie even better.  The Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht club is a social club and the members definitely know how to live up to the club expectations of hospitality, generosity and friendliness.  Steve and I were happy to get to know more members that we can now count as friends.  


Dinghy Brigade–we had a total of six dinghies arrive for potluck!


Meandering Joy at anchor


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