On a recent post, I made a note that I think in order to stay young we have to learn something new every day.  We have a dear friend who after she retired took painting lessons.  She continues to amaze us with her talent and we are delighted to own some of her work.  

I am trying to learn some new things about how our boat operates.  These things come so easily to Steve but often remain a mystery to me.  I am currently trying to understand the AC/DC electrical panels and will offer up my simplified explanation when I have it down more solidly.  

While writing the other day. I looked up the Snuba system.  I discovered a new word while making my inquiry.  

PORTMANTEAU:  A word blending the sounds and combining the meaning of two other words

Snuba is a combination of snorkel and scuba.  Podcast is a pairing of Ipod and broadcast.  Brunch–breakfast and lunch.  I am sure you can think of more of these types of words. 

So there you go.  A new word learned today.  Trying to stay as young as possible

Can you see why I enjoy our early morning walks so much? 

We are going to be doing some island hopping for a few days which means no internet and probably no posts for a few days.  Hoping I have some great new pictures and inspiration for new posts.  


4 thoughts on “Portmanteau?”

  1. Charles Moreman says:

    I was very impressed with the write up on the Anode. Can’t wait for the AC/DC electrical panel.

    1. admin says:

      So thankful I can keep in touch with the Moreman’s thru FB and the blog. I will you the artist’s information and website. Charles I have been working behind the scenes on learning AC/DC and will write when I have a tad bit better understanding and ability to explain. I am hoping to come to Philly for a visit but I have to wait for warm weather. Getting spoiled with Bahamas sunshine.

      1. Charles Moreman says:

        We would love for you and Steve to come visit. Lots to see and do here. We have a bedroom waiting on you.

  2. Robin Lashley Moreman says:

    Love the pictures and the beauty of your walk!
    I’m with you,trying to challenge myself to explore and learn new things. Nothing like a change in scenery to make your brain work harder. Would love to see some more of your friend artwork. She is most definitely, very talented!

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