Sights around Marsh Harbour

Our AT&T telephone plan has not been quite cost friendly as we had been told/sold so we took a ride into the Batelco  (Bahamas Telephone Company) store to buy some wifi/phone service.  I waited outside with the bikes and took in the sights on a busy day.  

Street Vendors serving lunch

Kentucky Fried Chicken Anyone?

Evacuation Point on Don Mckay Boulevard

Lime Green Shopping Center


See anything unusual about this photo?

Growing up, we would often see passengers sitting in the back of a pick up truck. I am sure my brother and I rode in the back of my dad’s truck many times.  We don’t see that at home much today.  We frequently see what appear to be construction workers going to job sites loaded with passengers in the bed of the truck. 

I have finally gotten used to riding my bike on the left side of the road going with traffic.  When we first arrived I wanted to ride only on the side walks and facing traffic so I could see what was coming toward me.  I learned that is not really as safe as it seems.   Now, I can tell by the sound what size vehicle is coming up behind me and if I need to swerve off the road or if the car coming up is giving me plenty of space by moving over the centerline if possible.  







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  1. Charlene says:

    Enjoying reading about your adventures!

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