Having a Ball!


Just hours before the ball was to begin (while everyone was getting showered and dressed) the power went off.  It also began to rain.  Luckily–the power was restored and the rain did not last.  The decorating committee met at 5:00 to make any last minute changes if necessary.  The guests began to arrive at 5:45 ready to grab a prop and strike a pose.    

Waiting for the guests to arrive

Trees, Plans & Balloons make a room divider!


Such a pretty table!

The decorating team got together for a pre-ball photo!

My new best friends: Susan, Pat, Lilly Dianne (on the front row) Trisa, Sandy, Mary, Kathy & Karen ( back row)–Me on tip toes in the way back!

I need a taller tripod–back to Amazon…

Commodore Ray and the Lovely Laurie

Scott & Mary–they designed the frame

Steve with Sherri, Frank & Ken

Bonnie, Sherry, Bick, Bruce & Steve–all smiles!

Good Food, Good Music and Good Times with RMHYC members!



2 thoughts on “Having a Ball!”

  1. Jan Boyd says:

    Beautiful job, Joy! Very impressive. Looks like it was a fun evening.

  2. Susan says:

    Great pictures, Joy.

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