Back in the USA!


I had a great time at the Commodore’s Ball.  Katy, our oldest daughter, asked if it was Prom for old people.  We told her yes but better!  Steve had business the weekend after the ball that didn’t require my presence.  I decided to head home for a while.  We fly into Sanford, Florida and drive home from there.  Lainey lives in Jacksonville which is right on the way home.  She asked me to come visit for a day or so.  When your children ask to see you–the answer is yes.  Lainey asked me to join her in a fun run with her work friends.  I thought she said a 5k.  It was actually a 5 mile run.  

Thanks to my early morning walking group which walks 4 miles every morning in Marsh Harbour, I was prepared for a 5 mile walk.  Lainey works for Lamb’s Yacht Center in Jacksonville.  Several of their employees gathered to walk or run this race.  It was great to meet some of her co workers and walk with them through a beautiful part of Jacksonville.  

All the lime green shirts are members of the Lamb’s Yacht Center team!  

I walked four miles and then got tired of walking and jogged the last mile across the finish line.  We celebrated with breakfast at Maple Street Biscuit Company.  I liked so many items on the menu that I ordered several.  

The Squawking Goat is a Flaky Biscuit with a fried chicken breast, fried goat cheese medallion surrounded by pepper jelly.  I also got a side of the Hashbrown Cake.  Hey– just walked five miles! 

Lainey ordered the BLT, hold the bacon.  I don’t understand that order.  



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  1. Janet says:

    Hah!!! I love lettuce and tomato sandwiches. Used to eat them all the time, although if I am going to eat one at a restaurant – I am paying for the bacon either way, so I get the bacon. 🙂

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