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(4/8/18) Those beautiful clouds brought rain on Sunday.  We left Treasure Cay and headed to Green Turtle Cay with Greg and Patti.  This was to be their first trip through the Whale Cay Passage.  Lucky for us that it was smooth cruising all the way even though we had some rain.  There was no room at our beloved Green Turtle Club because of a Kadey Krogan Rendezvous, in fact there was no room at any marina in Green Turtle.  

Luckily we knew someone at The Other Shore Club from the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club.  Actually we knew three members at this small marina in Black Sound at Green Turtle Cay.  Gordon on Didi Mau made arrangements for us to tie up to this bar bones marina.  We tied up at the marina around 11:30 as our friends were heading to church in New Plymouth.  

When the rains stopped and our friends had returned from church, we all met to discuss the weather and the possibility of heading to the states together.  During the break in the weather we wandered over to New Plymouth to explore a little with Greg and Patti. 



Pineapple’s Bar & Grill is the restaurant and pool at the Other Shore Club marina.  There was a party the night before we arrived but because of the rain, there was not much going on at Pineapple’s this afternoon.  

Steve decided to check out the old Gaol (jail).  

Patti & I having fun at the phone booth.

The Memorial Sculpture Garden was very interesting. Many of the leaders of Green Turtle Cay were represented along with at least two women.  Skies above are still cloudy. 



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