Planning Session at The Other Shore Club

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(4/8/18) We began our winter season of boating in the Bahamas in Green Turtle Cay and it looks like we will be exiting the same way.  Steve had  business to attend to in Georgia and our weather window was very slim.  It appeared that we had two choices.  Option one:  leave on Monday, April 9 and go to West End, Grand Bahama and stay at the marina there and then go on to Fort Pierce.  The problem with this is that there may not be room at the marina and the weather was closing in so quickly that Steve may have to leave me on the boat there and fly home and then return.  Option Two:  leave on Monday, April 9 and head to Mangrove Cay, anchor for a few hours then leave at midnight heading for Fort Pierce.  

A problem with either of these options is that our guests Greg & Patti would either have to go with us or we would have to leave them in the Bahamas.  We have never had to leave our guests stranded.   After everyone had a walk around town and time to check weather, we had our last planning session with the Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club at the Other Shore Club to decide on the best travel option for everyone.  

After much thought, we chose Option Two.  Critcher Cat, Mascot, Didi Mau and Meandering Joy would leave Green Turtle Cay on Monday, April 9 about 7:00 a.m. and head to Mangrove Cay.  We would arrive about 4:30.  It would be nice to travel with a group since we have never done that before.  

What to do with Greg & Patti?  At some point in the day, a ferry came over from Treasure Cay to the Other Side Club.  They agreed to pick up the Souther’s at 8:00 on Monday and ferry them over to Treasure Cay where they would get a hotel room at the hotel there.  We hated to leave them but really didn’t have much choice with regard to weather.  There is a truth in boating with guests:  we can agree to a date to meet you or a place to meet you but not always both.  Boating requires some flexibility.  Lucky for us our friends were very accommodating!






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