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(4/12/18) We left early from Titusville to get to St. Augustine because it is about 100 miles which takes like what seems forever if you are traveling at 8kn an hour.  There is  with a very long “No Wake” zone south of New Smyrna Beach.  We don’t create much wake anyway at 8kn.  We usually slow it down to about 3kn.   Those fishing boats can really kick up a wake.  

There are many interesting sights along the way to pass the time and keep us alert.  

A patriotic family must live here–a floating flag and a flag on land. 

God Bless America

We should all be so friendly as to wave at our neighbors

The colors of this small dock house are bright and inviting–a little bit like something out of a Dr. Seuss book.  

It is sad that there are so many abandoned boats can be spotted along the way.  Many of these can be purchased for as cheap as a $1–if you can move it.  Can’t imagine the cost of getting one of the dollar boats up and running but if you are up for it, you can get a good deal.

Near Daytona Beach we saw the Lady Dolphin Dinner & River Cruise boat.  I stepped out to wave at all the tourists who were taking pictures of us.  Their captain blew the horn at us as he turned in to follow us.  Steve thought it would be great to blow our horn.   Unfortunately, I was under the horn and just about jumped ship when it blew.  The tourists got a great laugh out of my reaction!

New bridge construction in Daytona makes one pay close attention to stay in the channel and avoid the construction barges.  

River’s Edge Marina in St. Augustine welcomed us as we arrived around 5:00 in the afternoon.  There was no shortage of people out to catch lines.  Gotta love those places.  It was an easy docking and we even got a discount at the on site restaurant–Hurricane Patty’s.

Glad to be here with only one more day to go to get to Jacksonville and then head home!


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