Puppy Love


(4/14/18) Steve docked Meandering Joy like a pro–we have returned to this slip at this Lambs Yacht Center several times and he has it down.  Lambs is a great place to leave a boat because of it’s covered slips and fresh water.  Salt and sun do some damage to a boat.  I had the boat cleaned, the refrigerator emptied and my bags packed in record time.  Why?  

I wrote in a previous blog that we had to get home for business.   We do but that is on April 16.  More importantly on April 14, we were to pick up our sweet new puppy in Madison on our way home.  Before I get to the puppy pics, I have to brag on Crowe’s Open Air BBQ in Madison where we stopped for lunch before picking up our girl.  We had the pork plate with pulled pork, cole slaw and Brunswick stew.  The pork was tender and smoky.  Cole slaw had just the right amount of dressing and wasn’t sweet.  The Brunswick stew just divine.  

BBQ plate from Crowe’s

Lucky for us the Dollar General across the street from Crowe’s was open.  Does every small town have a Dollar General now?  We needed a towel or blanket to swaddle our little girl on our way home.  

Our friend, Scott, of Scott Baldwin Kennels in Madison had picked up our little puppy in Rome earlier in the week for us when he went to get his pup from the same litter.  Scott saved us a good three hour drive.  If you have a pup that need  obedience training, gun dog training and hunt test Scott’s kennel is  the place to go.  


Oh that face just makes me melt


Fingernail polish used to identify our pick of the litter!


Napping after her first bath

Checking out the weeds and her potty spots

Great first day with our newest family member.  Let’s hope she sleeps!



2 thoughts on “Puppy Love”

  1. Robin Lashley Moreman says:

    How sweet and precious is a new baby, with soft, downy fur! I hope to meet her soon!

    1. admin says:

      Come by to see her while you are home. She loves to meet new hands to pet her!

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