East Beach Meet & Greet

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Izzy made some new four-legged friends on her first excursion to the East Beach Meet & Greet for Dogs.  Since the beach is closed to dogs from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. everyone  (and I do mean EVERYONE) brings their dogs early in the morning for a swim or a run without a leash.  

Izzy chatting with two sweet Golden Retrievers

Izzy especially enjoys having the leash off.  She hasn’t yet learned how to walk with the leash without chewing on it or fighting it every inch of the way.  She can be quite dramatic by gasping and struggling to get away.  All the dog training books say she will learn to love the leash…EVENTUALLY.

Izzy running to meet her next new friend

There were so many dogs on the beach that I was reminded of the book by Dr. Seuss Go Dog Go. The dogs in the book are going to a party.  This Meet & Greet was definitely a party.  As Izzy would meet up with each dog, there was a mostly silent form of communication that involved sniffing.  Some dogs were fine with this and others most definitely were not.  When Izzy would get a little too close, the silent communication was halted.  If growling began she would to run for cover, never having lost sight of our exact location.  

The pet owners were not left out of all the fun.  While the dogs got acquainted we had the opportunity to meet other dog lovers.   We also met some early morning walkers with out dogs who were of course “charmed” by Izzy jumping on them with wet sandy paws.  

Looking forward to more morning Meet & Greets!