A Driftwood Tribute

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East Beach on St. Simons is one of the cleanest beaches we have visited.   The are no less than six barrels for collecting trash and sorting recyclable items at the entrance at the Coast Guard Station.  The art below of the whale filled with trash sends a message to visitors to care for the beach and the ocean life.  

At the edge of the seagrass on East Beach on St. Simons stands a large piece of driftwood.  It catches the attention of many along this unspoiled beach because at first glance it appears that a medley of odds and ends have mysteriously all accumulated on the multiple limbs of the driftwood tree.  A closer look reveals a rustic tribute.  A TCU ball cap, a Hawaiian Lai, a single flip-flop and a Christmas ornament are among the many items placed on the structure. 

I learned from the blog galivance: Travels Tales with a Twist  written by James and Terri how this driftwood exhibit came into existence.  They write that a piece of driftwood was seen floating in the water by a group of the early morning dog walkers.  One of the walkers, named Jennifer Whiddon, suggested moving  the driftwood into the sand to help keep the water safe for boaters.  Wow, not only was she a dog lover, but also looked out for boaters.  The tree has evolved into a memorial for loved ones who have passed.   We have not been here for holidays but evidently the tree is decorated for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day and many other holidays.  

So grateful to have learned the story.  Now I will have to make a point of visiting the tree more frequently on our early morning walks.