Let’s See Rock City


If you grew up in the South and are of a certain age, then it is likely that you have seen a barn or two (like the one in the photo below) with the words See Rock City painted on top.  Garnet Carter, owner of Rock City, realized that not many people would pass by his newest attraction on top of Lookout Mountain without some form of advertising.  Carter hired a painter to travel around the United States offering to paint farmers barns for free if they would allow the advertising words to be painted on the roof as well.  His efforts succeeded in spreading the word about this tourist attractions featuring rock formations, waterfalls and gardens.  

There are many reasons to visit Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Our number one reason is to visit our daughter and her husband.  When they are not available, we choose the next best thing:  Rock City.  I wanted to ride the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway but they are most decidedly not dog friendly. We were asked to leave before we could even ask about purchasing tickets.  No dogs on the grounds we were told.   Rock City is more than happy for those furry visitors.  They give treats to dogs who visit!

Garnet Carter began developing an area on top of Lookout Mountain as a neighborhood he named Fairyland because his wife Frieda had a love of European folklore.  While he was busy working on the neighborhood and a golf course, Frieda was busy developing a rock garden. She included  statues of gnomes and fairy tale characters in her garden.  Garnet saw an opportunity to profit from his wife’s efforts and offered tours for a fee.  The weekend fee is now $22.95 for adults. 

Ferns, mosses and flowers grow on both sides of the rock trail through the formations.  

We were able to squeeze through the Needles Eye without much trouble.  There was a little twisting to get through the narrowest spot.  At times we felt eyes upon us.  We would look up and spot the ever watchful gnome or two!

Mushroom Rock

The Stone Witch

Lover’s Leap

It is possible to see seven states from Lover’s Leap: Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Virginia, Alabama, South Caroline & North Carolina

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  1. Glenn says:

    Oh my – it’s been a long time since I was able to See Rock City. May be time to return!

    1. admin says:

      Rock City is one of those places you know you visited as a child, but sometimes the memory needs refreshing. We also have to see Ruby Falls again! RPM2 trip maybe?

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