Two hundred odd miles and about 4 hours after we left Chateau Aux Arc we crossed the largest river in the United States. Yes, that’s right, we crossed the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee. The name Mississippi is from from the French form of an Algonquin word, Misi ziipi, meaning great river. On our next trip to Memphis we have to make time to follow the Great River Road which runs alongside the Mississippi River to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and sites of historical significance here in Memphis. However, the King of Rock and Roll was calling us to visit Graceland!

There are a variety of tours available at Graceland. We opted for the Elvis Experience Tour which included an I-Pad Audio Guided tour by John Stamos of the Graceland Mansion, and self-guided tours of the Presley Motors Automobile Museum, the Entertainer Career Museum & the Elvis Discovery Exhibits.

We loaded the tour bus which crosses Elvis Presley Boulevard and takes visitors through the music note gates and up the driveway to the front door.

The formal living room on the right of the Entrance Hall features beautiful peacock stained glass windows which frame the entrance to the music room. Notice the 1950’s era television.

On the left side of Entrance Hall is the elegant dining room which has black marble flooring with carpet edging the perimeter of the room. We were told that Lisa Marie comes into town with friends to dine in this beautiful room of her childhood.

Also on the main floor of the home is a bedroom for the parents of Elvis, Vernon and Gladys.

Photo by Daniel Scott Kitchens

The kitchen is probably my favorite room of Graceland. It is enormous with loads of counter space. There is room for a breakfast table at the far end. There is a window sized opening above the sink that looks out over the Jungle Room below.

The Jungle Room was added in the mid 1960’s when Elvis enlarged the original house. An indoor waterfall can be seen on the left side of the room. The Jungle Room was used as a recording studio in 1976 which Presley used to make his final albums, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee and Moody Blue. In addition to the Jungle Room addition, another wing was added to the south side of the home to include a sidewalk and a small enclosed gallery. This gallery is now the Trophy Building which displays many Presley family keepsakes.

Mirrored Stairway to the Basement

Walking down a stair case with mirrored walls and ceiling we were pleased to see the TV Room and Billiard Room. There are three television sets in the TV room. We were told that Elvis liked to watch all three at the same time just like one of the Presidents. A lightning bolt and the initials TCB are painted on the wall. These were a 1970’s logo of Elvis meaning taking care of business in a flash.

Also in the basement is the billiard room. I was impressed with the pleated cotton fabric covering the walls and ceiling of this room.

More coming soon on our tour of the grounds!


4 thoughts on “Graceland”

  1. Jan Boyd says:

    I love reading about your trip and the fun you had with Caroline. Love the Elvis pictures!!!

    1. admin says:

      We had a great trip! I know you know what it’s like to travel with our daughters and have car talk and laughter and shared memories. I hope to see you soon and catch up.

  2. Janet Hunt says:

    OMG some of those colors and patterns and mirrors would drive me crazy.

    1. admin says:

      It was indicative of that era and the Elvis personality. Yes, it would drive me crazy too!

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