Great Guana Cay

(12/28/17) Great Guana Cay is about 8 miles from Marsh Harbour.  Great Guana is located in about the center of the string of islands which comprise the Abacos.  It is 7 miles long and has about 150 people living on the island.  It is known for its social culture which includes two restaurant and bar […]

Abacos Bahamas

Another snorkeling adventure

Mermaid Reef has proven to be a great hit every time we venture out that way.  It is an easy bike ride from Abaco Beach Resort.  We had to give the new all in one snorkel masks another try.   Saw some great fish but still not happy with the new masks.  If having to swim […]

Abacos Bahamas Snorkeling Wildlife

A Golden Birthday

(12/26/17) Ever heard of a golden birthday?  A golden birthday is when one’s age and birthdate are the same.  My golden birthday was when I turned 23 on January 23. It is also possible to have a golden birthday with your birth year  for example a 57th birthday when born in 1957.  Caroline’s golden birthday […]

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What color is the sea?

(12/26/17) What color is the ocean? I would have a hard time answering because there are so many shades I couldn’t pick just one. I took the picture of the sailboat because of the number of people on the side of the boat.  I had no idea it would show the different shades of blue […]

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Climbing the Elbow Cay Lighthouse

(12/26/17) The Elbow Cay Lighthouse is one of the last operational kerosene fueled lighthouses in the world.  It was built in 1862.  The weight mechanism has to be hand cranked every few hours to maintain its sequence of light flashes.  It is lighted with kerosene oil with a wick and a mantle and burns about […]

Hope Town Lighthouse

No need for maps

(12/25/17) No need for a map or GPS to find one’s way on Elbow Cay.  We found directions for every place imaginable.  We were searching for Firefly Sunset Resort–not listed on the signs, but we found it anyway.  There is really only one road on the island so we kept following it south until we […]

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A Christmas Day Walk

(12/25/17) I love the simplicity of Christmas on the boat–after the very few gifts were opened it was time for a walk.  We took the dinghy across the harbour and tied off at the Hope Town Sailing Club community dinghy dock.  The community here makes things so convenient for the cruisers.   A short walk up […]

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Christmas in Hope Town

(12/25/17)The four purple candles on the Advent wreath represent Hope, Love, Joy & Peace.  The white candle in the center is the Christ candle.  I think it is fitting that we are in Hope Town for Christmas day.  We attended the Christmas Eve candle light service at the St. James Methodist Church in Hope Town.  […]

Christmas Churches Hope Town

Under the sea on Christmas Eve

(12/24/17) Snorkeling at Hope Town Harbour Lodge is fairly easy.  The most difficult part for me is getting on the flippers and walking into the water.  No one could call me graceful.  I prefer to snorkel by flipping into the water from the dinghy.  Then all I have to do is swim.  If you haven’t […]

Bahamas General Hope Town Snorkeling Wildlife

Snorkel Masks for Christmas

(12/24/17) Since coming to the Bahamas, I have learned to love snorkeling.  I was not an eager participant.  However, once I learned how to breathe and get over the cold water, I love looking at the underwater life.  The brilliant colors of the fish and coral keep me coming back for more.  Now I like […]

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